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We're now offering Gift Cards
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Why GoGear?

What makes GoGear Go?

Here you'll find out about what makes us tick, how we choose materials, and why we're in business. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


GoGear designs are highly specific. We look for ways to make your life on the go easier, faster, and more enjoyable. We're always looking for ways to help you organise what's important to you, and ways to keep you on the go longer.


We recognise that choosing materials can be really confusing. When we're selecting materials, we always think about the best material for its purpose. We also acknowledge that natural materials are not necessarily better or worse than synthetic materials, and manufacturing/transport of materials can have a significant impact on the overall sustainability of the product.

We also consider our materials and products over their entire life. We also try not to mix materials if possible. Keeping them the same makes recycling easier. For example, if the best fabric for a product is nylon, we try to find other nylon materials for the other elements, such as lining, zippers, and straps. This way, the elements won't need to be separated at the end of its life. 


We try to use natural materials where possible. We choose organic cotton, hemp, and linen if they are suitable, and natural dyes. We choose natural materials first because we recognise that all products will eventually need to be disposed of, and materials that biodegrade are easier to manage, without the need to recycle them.

You also won't find animal derived materials in our products. We believe that there are equal or better materials available without the need to use animal products.


Where synthetics are required (for example, we use synthetic fabrics in products that are washed often so that they dry quickly), we make sure that they can be recycled at the end of the products life. Also, if recycled synthetic materials are available (like polyester made from recycled PET bottles), we use these so that new materials aren't needed to be manufactured.


With all of our products, we list all of the elements and what they are made of on our product cards, so that you know exactly what your product is made from. This makes it easy for you to decide what to do with your Go Gear at the end of it's life. We also publish this information on our website so that you can check back and see what each component is made from.